Our Kent Photo Booth's

Your Booths Kent have adopted a unique booth style instead of the "standard" booth you see at every birthday, wedding or corporate event. We pride ourselves in being a never to be seen before memory maker and a great experience for your guests.

But what makes our Kent photo booth hire unique?

Well there is a easy answer. A unique booth design, with high quality equipment and great customer service.

Both of our booths allow guests to take high quality photos, using a great selection of props and if you opt for a printing package our Professional Dye Sublimation will output a 6*4 inch copy of the photos on glossy photo paper.

Before your event you have full control over the print outs, simply pay us to create a custom template or choose one of our presets and add text!

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The Prestige Photo Booth

Our newest photo booth to our collection is available to book December 2017 onwards.

Its design is stylish and the LED's on the front arch can be changed to match your event theme. The booth takes on a similar design to our cube with one door allowing guests to walk inside the booth, giving them privacy whilst taking selfies.

All of the props are in the Kent photo booth, along with one of our selfie pod systems which allows guests to touch the screen and take 4 photos 8 seconds apart before collecting their print outs from outside the photobooth.

This booth is expected to fit up to 10 people in at one time even with its small footprint. Allowing room in your venue for other items!

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The Cube Photo Booth

This Kent photo booth is by far the most popular booth in our opinion. Its cube like shape with one door allows guests to walk inside the booth, making them feel like they are in a ice cube like enclosure.

All of the props are in the Kent photo booth, along with one of our selfie pod systems which allows guests to choose their filter (Colour, Black & White, Sepia or Fonomatic) and then take 4 photos consecutively.

Guests can try out a few quick changes or just use one set of props for all of the photos.

There is tons of space in the Kent photo booth for 8-10 people however our record is 15 people!

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Our Curved Wall Photo Booth

This Kent photo booth is similar to our Cube in terms of style. Made out of the same material we generally use this booth where the the framing of the photo needs to feature the knees upwards.

Its great for Weddings as the Bride can get her beautiful dress in the photo, but also brilliant for getting all the smaller kids in the photo without the adults needing to bend down!

Our wall is 2 metres tall and wide, slightly curved and can fit 8 people in the photo just like our cube.

This means that our booth can fit in smaller spaces but without losing the Kent photo booth experience. This booth is not enclosed, but if we are near a wall we will try and make it as private as possible.

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